I Want to Sell My Car - What Are My Options?

With so many options available to choose from, selling your car can seem a daunting process. Yet it needn’t be the case. The key is to pick an option that’s best suited to what you want to get from the deal.

Naturally, you’ll want to make as much money as possible, but are you prepared to sacrifice some cash for an easier ride? Equally, are you prepared to invest in advertising costs when you can’t guarantee that this won’t cost you more in the long run?

To help you decide, we’ve laid out some of the primary options available to you when the time comes to sell. By analysing the pros and cons of each, you can then look to choose the best solution for you.


Favoured by many car sellers due to the recognised name and relatively simple sale process, webuyanycar has become a popular option for shifting a vehicle. To use the service, you essentially need to input a few details into the website’s search engine. You’ll then be given a quote, which is subject to a physical inspection of your vehicle.

For some sellers, this has led to issues. This Is Money put together a piece back in 2015 to look into a problem where multiple readers had been angered by the inspection process. Although this was written around 18 months ago, it’s worth bearing in mind.

The article states that there were numerous instances where people were getting a quote online, only to see it altered significantly upon inspection.

Clearly this will vary on a case-by-case basis. If your car has no damages additional to those originally mentioned, it’s reasonable for you to expect to receive the initial quoted amount. Bear in mind that there may be an admin fee to use the website.


For a fee, Autotrader lets customers list their vehicle on their website. One of the most commonly-used forms of car advertising, the service regularly attracts sellers due to the sheer amount of traffic the Autotrader website receives. The website is so well recognised that it’s always going to appeal to prospective buyers.

Once you’ve determined your asking price, you’ll need to add information to your listing, including any faults. You can then select the advertising options you want and start on your journey towards securing a sale. If you want to stand the best chance of reaching buyers via advertising, there are few more effective options.

Just bear in mind that being listed doesn’t actively guarantee you a sale – and that varying pricing options will determine how effectively you reach people. The more you pay, the more priority you’ll be given. 

Print Advertising

One of the oldest means of selling your car, classified ads in newspapers and magazines are still chosen by many people as the preferable way to part with a vehicle. As with a number of options in this guide, the process does require you to invest money and do legwork.

Depending how much value you attribute to traditional methods of marketing, print advertising can have mixed results in terms of securing a successful sale.

Even if you do attract interest, there’s a good chance that you may attract timewasters, hagglers and no-shows. If you’re prepared to deal with this and you show patience though, there’s nothing to suggest you couldn’t achieve a solid sale.

Local Dealership

One of the many advantages of selling to a local dealer is that you get to deal with an actual person. Not only that, but they’ll also be actively looking to acquire your car. The important thing is to make sure you find a dealership that treats you well and pays you a fair price.

It’s often the case that larger dealerships with pass on cars to smaller businesses, so the most process can help you cut out the middle man.

In many cases – and certainly here at Abbeywood Motors – companies will be happy to do a little negotiating, providing that your requirements are reasonable.

Someone You Know

Another option to consider is to sell your car to a trusted contact. This relies on demand from one of your friends, family or colleagues for a vehicle - but it can be a good way to bypass any other hassle relayed to the sale process.

If you do look to sell to someone you know, it’s important to follow all the correct procedures in terms of documentation and the transfer of any money.

Part Exchange

Another common choice as a method for sale is a part-exchange deal. A con of this method is that you may not get the best deal. On the other hand, it’s a good way to shift your vehicle and every penny is useful when it comes to making a new car purchase.

Just remember that the ball is in your court and you can stop the negotiation process any time if you don’t feel the price you’re being offered is fair.

Despite the popularity of this method for sale, it may be better to invest your time elsewhere if you want to make the most money possible.

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