7 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Car’s Value

Securing a fair price when the time comes to sell your car will primarily come down to its age and condition. If you’ve looked after your vehicle during ownership, then you can expect to receive a higher price. If you haven’t, then you’ll undoubtedly lose out.

To ensure you get the most money possible for your car, we’ve covered all of the essential things that you need to consider. Staying on top of these things should help stand you in pretty good stead.

Ignoring Warning Lights

If your car’s dashboard is telling you to do something like check your engine, oil pressure or engine pressure, then it’s wise not to ignore the warning. Chances are there could be a serious fault with the vehicle, so you need to book it into your garage to get it fixed and checked as soon as possible.

Even if the problem just turns out to be something as minor as a sensor issue, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Neglecting Regular Servicing

When you’re watching how much money you spend, it can be tempting to put off service checks, or always opt for the bare minimum. The problem with this approach is that key faults and damages may be missed. In the long run, this will ultimately lead to you racking up higher costs.

Ignoring MOT Advisories

When you have an MOT, it’s fairly common for you to be given a shortlist of ‘advisory’ notices even once your vehicle has passed. These will consist of various faults or impending repairs that will be needed in the reasonably near future, but haven’t prevented the vehicle from passing the MOT.

Rather than seeing advisory points as things to put off and pay for further down the line, in many cases, it’s better to take a proactive approach with any suggested repairs. In a lot of cases, these can prevent serious and lasting damage to your car.  

Driving Aggressively

Your driving style can have a significant effect on the condition of your car. Aggressive braking and taking undue care on uneven surfaces can affect both the parts and the exterior of your vehicle. Keep a constant eye out for potholes and consider adjusting your driving style to be more careful.

Neglecting Basic Checks

For your car to run at optimum capacity, its components need to be in sound working order and its fluid levels need to be regularly checked. For the latter, this includes everything from engine coolant to oil and brake fluid.

It’s also worth mentioning your tyres. Make sure you regularly check their tread depth and inflation. This is imperative for all-round safety and adhering to the law. What’s more, damaged tyres can lead to knock-on damage to other areas of your vehicle.

Failing to Clean it Regularly

From dents to rust, the exterior appearance will be right at the forefront of any buyer’s mind. Whilst you can clean newer dirt and dust shortly before you sell your car, what you’ve done in the past will also be important. If you’ve failed to clear your car for long spells previously, then it may need some more in-depth work to get rid of rust. The more you have to repair, the more money you’ll have to part with.


For some drivers, high mileage is all but inevitable. If things such as work commitments dictate that you need to drive long distances, then you may struggle to keep your count down, but if you have the option to cut certain journeys, then this could ultimately help you when you come to sell your car. The less mileage you have on the clock, the more money you can expect to receive.

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