6 Benefits You'll Feel from Regularly Having Your Car Serviced

Taking care of your car now can pay dividends further down the line. Not only will it help you to stay safe, it will also extend the value of your vehicle over time.

One way to effectively manage your car’s condition is to get it regularly serviced. This is something we’d highly recommend, as the price of doing so will be relatively minimal in comparison to other costs – such as repairs and loss in value - that will inevitably stack up if you avoid the issue.

Remember, an MOT is not the same as a service. To help you get the benefits of both, many garages offer packages so that you can book a service alongside your MOT. An even better option may be to alternate the two every 6 months. Whenever you choose to book your service, here are some of the benefits you’ll feel as a result:

Helps to Keep You Safe

Above everything else, it is the safety of you and your passengers that’s most important when it comes to driving your car. By keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape, you can help to give yourself a better chance of avoiding accidents. A thorough service can pick up any impending faults and help prevent any accidents.

Keeps You On Top of Tyre Issues

In addition to the other elements that a service covers, the fact that your tyres also get a thorough once-over is arguably the most vital part of the process. Whereas other faults can be picked up by warning lights on your dashboard, your tyres need to be checked manually. As the part of your vehicle that arguably takes the greatest beating – particularly in Sheffield with its dodgy roads - it’s essential that your tyres remain in optimum condition. A minimum of one service timed 6 months either side of an MOT can help you keep on top of the issue.

It Can Extend the Lifetime of Your Car

It’s a simple concept, but if you regularly service your car then you’re likely to extend its lifetime. Servicing can often pick up problematic things with your vehicle that may otherwise go unnoticed. In the case of older cars in particular, this can end up spelling the end for your vehicle.

It Can Help You Avoid Expensive Repairs and Breakdowns

Whilst most problems with a car are fixable, some can end up being seriously expensive. As a result, you’ll want to do all you can to avoid them. Whether it’s a breakdown in the middle of nowhere that leaves you stranded - or an expensive repair caused as a result of ignoring a long-standing issue – a regular service can help raise the chances of preventing such problems occurring.

You’ll Stop Worrying About Not Having Done It

We’re sure that there are plenty of people who would admit to forever ignoring a car service on their to do list. It’s likely that even if you haven’t had one done recently, it’s something that you’ve spent time thinking about on various occasions. Rather than worrying about it being something that you continually put off, book a service and take care of the issue.  

When the Time Is Right, It Can Help You Sell Your Car Successfully

Whatever the reason is that gets you to book a car service into the diary, there is no doubt that it will help you sell your car when the time is right. Dealers will look fondly on a strong service history, meaning that they’re more likely to pay you a higher rate for your vehicle.

We know this because we’ve been offering great prices to individuals looking to sell their car in Sheffield and South Yorkshire for over 20 years. To find out more, why not give us a call today on 0114 2559555.


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